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How to be a Man!

Why do we think being vulnerable is so hard? That feeling our feelings is so tough, challenging, or scary? That actually talking to our partners is so difficult, tricky, and uncomfortable that we stone wall, gas light, get defensive, angry, avoid it, or just shut down?

You know what's hard, going to the f*ckin gym every day! You know what else is hard making a million dollars, drinking gross protein shakes, getting in fights, sprinting uphill, running stairs, working with your hands in the hot sun, lifting heavy shit, being angry all the time, trying to act tough consistently, needed to man up, and always needing to prove your manhood!

This sh*t is hard!

And there's nothing with all the hard stuff, but Men, we can do the other stuff too. And think about it, while we do the hard stuff, and we believe it makes us men, we avoid the things we feel are confronting, uncomfortable, or difficult stuff and label it as for sissies, weak, lame, pathetic, unnecessary or some other sad and ignorant label so we can deflect what makes us uncomfortable. So if you are a man, prove it by doing the uncomfortable, awkward, challenging thing.

Learn to feel.

Learn to be vulnerable.

Learn to communicate with your partner.

Learn to express your needs, wants, and desires.

Learn that being a man is more than what you've been taught.

That you are more than what you have been taught!

When you do, you will be f*cking free! You will find the happiness, joy, peace, love, and connection you've missed.


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