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Manifestation: The Art of Playing Ping Pong with the Universe

The other day I talked to a business coaching client about how they manifested the house they just bought versus the challenge they felt they were facing in growing their business. Somewhere in the conversation, I said manifesting is like playing ping pong with the universe, but you aren't trying to win. You are trying to create a fantastic rally.

I feel like everyone has a pretty good idea of what I mean when I say manifesting, but in case this isn't clear, manifesting is a concept that suggests we can attract what we desire into our lives through focused intention, positive energy, and the step I believe most people miss or ignore, intentional action.

This conversation got me thinking, is manifesting like playing ping pong with the universe?

Let's take a look.

Manifestation: Playing Ping Pong with the Universe

The Game of Manifestation: Serving Your Intention and Taking Inspired Action

Your thoughts and desires are the paddles, and your body swinging or moving the paddles is the action. The universe on the other side of the table sometimes responds with an equal, lesser, or greater force, and it's your job to keep a focused intention, positive mindset, and action to return the ball.

Let's break down this metaphor. We'll start with setting your intention, which is the serve. Just like in a game of ping pong, manifesting begins with a clear intention. When you serve the ball in ping pong, you decide how hard you want to hit it and where you want it to land on the opponent's side.

Similarly, in manifesting, you set your intention by clearly defining what you want to manifest in your life. It could be a new job, more clients, a loving relationship, improved health, or a new house. And like the ball's velocity and the direction you give it, the more specific and focused your intention, the better you can direct your energy toward it.

Some might say after you set your intention, the next step in manifestation is visualization. This might be our aim. In ping pong, players quickly visualize the ball's path before making a shot. Similarly, in manifesting, visualization plays a key role. By imagining yourself already possessing what you desire, you create a clear image in your mind and align your energy, vibe, and mindset with that outcome.

Visualize and feel the emotions of working with the ideal clients, receiving your biggest paycheck ever, or how it would look and feel to wake up in the house you dream about with your dream partner.

The next part of manifesting is the most ignored. Too many people put all their manifesting energy into the first two steps and then just wait. But the third step is so crucial. You have to take inspired action. This is the back-and-forth, you take an action, and there is a response, and then you get to take another action, and so on and on.

The Ignored Step: Taking Intentional Action for Manifestation

Ping pong is a dynamic game of back-and-forth exchanges. After the serve, both players respond as quickly and effectively as possible. Similarly, it's important to take inspired action toward your desires in manifesting. Manifesting is not about sitting back and waiting for things to magically happen. You must actively engage with opportunities that come your way, create opportunities, and make choices aligned with your intention. The universe responds to your efforts and intentions, which sometimes look like challenges and setbacks.

Then there is patience, trust, and faith. Maybe these are like long rallies.

In a really good game, players engage in long rallies, hanging on or patiently waiting for the right moment to make their move. Likewise, manifesting requires patience, trust, and faith in the process. Sometimes, things don't unfold exactly as planned, but it's essential to stay focused and trust that the universe is working in your favor. Trust that the energy you've put out will eventually return to you, just like the ball in a game of ping pong.

And finally, there is the surrender, the letting go or release of the ball.

The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender: Letting Go and Allowing the Universe to Work

In every ping pong game, you must surrender the ball to the other side. In manifesting, there is always a time when you need to surrender, to release your attachment to the outcome. If you grip too tightly or hold onto a desperate need for things to go a certain way, it can create resistance. This can sabotage your process or your shot. You must trust that you've done your part and allow the universe to take over. Surrendering control and having faith is sometimes the most challenging part of the process, and it can bring unexpected and delightful outcomes.

Thank you for reading my wild ideas on how ping pong and manifestation are like woo-woo athletic siblings. And remember, manifesting is not just wishful thinking; it's a co-creative process between you and the universe. You must align your thoughts, intentions, and actions. When you do that, you create a powerful force that can shape your reality. Embrace the game of manifesting, and you might find out you have the power to create a life filled with joy, fun, abundance, and fulfillment. And if you aren't ready to bring manifestation into your life, maybe just go grab your paddle, visualize your shot, hit the ball, and see how the universe responds.


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