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Mastering the Art of a Morning Routine

My wife, Evin Rose, snuck in and captured me doing my morning routine. Part of today's is meditation. Today I was doing a future visioning meditation from Azzurro Tornetta Mallin on an insight timer.

Something I love about my morning routine is it's always different. Sometimes I do a guided meditation; sometimes, I play Icaros and sit quietly.

Sometimes I sip bone broth before I sit down, and sometimes it's just water. Sometimes I grab that drum off the wall or a rattle and give myself a sound bath to move energy. Occasionally, I journal at the end of it all, and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I use Hape or a meditation mist. Sometimes I skip meditation and do that later as my body needs movement, so I work out or walk in nature.

Mastering the Art of a Morning Routine

Embracing the Uniqueness of Each Day

The point, each day of our life is unique and different. Every day comes with plans, unseen obstacles, and events, and each day has its own goals and intentions, and each day your mind and your body feel a little different.

Life is like a unique painting, adding new colors and experiences each day. We are not just passive spectators; we actively shape our lives by the choices we make and the intentions we have. Our actions can impact others and leave a lasting impression.

I have learned we are not robots doing the same thing every day. Unlike a robot, how you show up matters. How it matters depends on your goals, relationships, who you want to be, how you want to show up, what your intentions are, and who you are interacting with.

The Power of Daily Choices Start With a Morning Routine

Every day brings a new set of challenges, opportunities, and choices that have the power to shape who we are. Think about it – each sunrise marks a chance to steer our lives in different directions. Every day, we face choices, big and small. Some decisions may seem insignificant, but they have a cumulative effect on shaping our character and future. Even the tiniest pebble creates ripples in the water.

So one of the first questions I ask myself each morning is, what does my body need? Then I ask what my mind needs. And lastly, what is my soul asking for? Then I set an intention for the day and quickly create a routine supporting me in mental, physical, business, relationship, and spiritual success. This only works because I have an arsenal of things I can do. Creating a cabinet of curiosities in the morning routine department is a powerful practice that can change your life and experience of the morning routine.

The key is to create a routine that supports our goals and aspirations, allowing us to embark on each day with clarity and purpose. It might involve writing down intentions, visualizing success, or engaging in activities that bring us joy and motivation. By embracing our uniqueness and honoring our individual needs, we can curate a morning routine that empowers us to seize the day and move closer to our version of success, whatever that may be.

The point is you aren't a robot. You don't need to act like one. You don't need a 5-hour routine or even a 1-hour morning routine that is the same every single day, but you do need a plan, a routine, or a practice to set yourself up for success, and what that means is unique to the success and goals you have that day. So, let's set aside the robotic approach and embrace the beauty of being human – with our dreams and aspirations shaping our mornings and lives.


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