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Men, How Do We Find Happiness?

Since announcing the Alchemy of Men retreat about two weeks ago, Evin Rose and I have had far more women approach us and talk to us about getting their men into this retreat.

I did not expect this.

The women don't want anything for themselves but want more for their men! And sadly, so often, men aren't taking the initiative to improve or get supported in their lives.

What I'm getting and learning from these women is they recognize that their men aren't happy.

They acknowledge that their men are stuck emotionally.

They see the tension that bottled-up feelings and an inability to express themselves and communicate is taking a toll on the men, their relationship, and some with their kids.

They recognize their men are challenged and exhausted by the daily hustle and stresses of life and work. Some have expressed empathy for the pressure their men face in meeting a level of success they decided they "should" already achieved.

Their hearts ache for their men when they express they feel behind in their careers.

Men, I want you in this retreat so you can thrive. So you can love your life. So you can be present with your partner, friends, and family. So you can feel great in your body. So you can feel the ease, peace, joy, and freedom that becomes available when we get off the hamster wheel and break up dated paradigms of what it means to be a successful man. I want you to make more money AND be able to enjoy it. I want you to feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments. I want you to have men with whom you can share your heart, struggles, and feelings that will listen and empathize.

If you don't want it bad enough for yourself, do you want more joy, love, free time, ease, and connection with your wives and partners? What about with your kids? And what about the kind of man, leader, and boss you want to be? Do you want to be more focused? Collaborative? Honest & Authentic? Less afraid to take risks or make big decisions? More confidence?

It's possible and it is right here for you, but you have to open up to it.


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