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Playing with Problems, a New Podcast from Alex Terranova & DreamMason Inc. is coming soon!

Success is a broad term that carries only arbitrary meaning. In Western cultures, we often attribute it to money, fame, and power. But money without joy, peace, love, spirituality, and health doesn't equate to a great life. Often, it equates to a miserable one...

Hi, I'm Alex Terranova, a Business & Life Performance Alchemist & Coach who's coached hundreds of successful people. I have learned the secret to a great life is about creating a life that you love the experience of living. It's not about how much money you make, how big your company is, how many abs you can count, the boat you own, the models you've slept with, or the trips you've taken. A great successful life feels good. It results from choosing your purpose and living with commitment, integrity, love, play, and faith.

I will sit down with one successful person each week on Playing with Problems. They might be successful in money, love, leadership, health, spirituality, or thriving in various areas. And we'll explore who they are and what they've accomplished. But every podcast does that.

This podcast is unique because we'll also dive into and play with a current problem they are experiencing. A cultural myth makes us believe that once people are successful, they don't have problems. We all have problems, and it takes a courageous person to share theirs. This show isn't about listening to a problem that's been solved. Our guests will bring a vulnerable issue they are currently challenged by, and we'll work and play together to get clarity, answers, new perspectives, ideas, and maybe even a solution.

I invite you to experience these conversations as if they are about you. If you listen and watch through yourself, your relationships, finances, fears, challenges, successes, and problems, these conversations could change your life.

Welcome to Playing with Problems

You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex



Remember, You are a DreamMason®…

Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves.

Alex Terranova is a Performance & Success Alchemist and Author, a Breaker of Limiting Mental Beliefs, a recovering asshole, a lover of Philosophy, Personal Growth, and Mezcal. I am the docile tone behind hundreds of podcasts. Legend has it a former reality tv show villain and was dubbed "The Anti-Excuses Coach" by Yahoo Finance. Since 2015, I have coached hundreds of successful & influential individuals & businesses to thrive financially, enjoy better relationships, and achieve their stretch goals and deepest desires, all with less stress, drama, and difficulty.

As a Professional Certified Coach & the Founder of DreamMason Inc., I have uniquely combined raw, direct, and bold masculine tactics with a magnetic, playful, and spiritual feminine ease. For my clients as well as myself, I am passionate about and believe Integrity, Commitment, Vulnerability, Trust, and Faith make up the core of Authenticity, which provides access to living an exceptional life of abundance, love, & joy.

I am the author of Fictional Authenticity, the coauthor of the bestselling book Redefining Masculinity, and the forthcoming book How Dreams Are Built. I have hosted & appeared in over 400 podcasts including top-rated shows such as The University of Adversity, The Primal BluePrint, Success Unleashed, and have interviewed hundreds of the world's highest-performing, wise, and successful leaders on The DreamMason Podcast. I have been featured on NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, Thrive Global, and Elephant Journal.

I have worked with athletes, rockstars, seven figure entrepreneurs, executives, & leaders in; LinkedIn, Shutterfly, Godiva, LGYC Power, and Coldwell Banker.

Through coaching, workshops, and my books, Through coaching, workshops, and my books, I have helped individuals and companies grow their incomes 500% in 90 days, save and rekindle marriages, get published, scale their companies to Six, Seven, and even Eight figures, buy their dream homes, grow their leadership, build successful teams, and create lives they actually love living.

People choose to work with me because achievement and financial success are not creating the rewarding life and business they desire.

They have come to understand there is no amount of money that will fix their relationships, make them feel like enough,

That no external validation will fill that void inside them that says they are not enough.

That no amount of hard work, achievement, fame, or distraction will provide the peace, ease, joy, and connection, they want.

And that the legacy deeply they crave to leave will be measured by these metrics, not their bank statements.

You can find this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and anywhere you listen to great podcasts.

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