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The Struggle of Being a Man: Overcoming Fear, Self-Doubt, and Finding Support

“Being a Dad is way harder than I thought. I always wanted a son, but now I just feel like I’m doing a bad job and ruining our relationship.”

I heard this from a man this week.

His son is still young, but the pressure of his career, providing, carving out time, and being a confident, loving, good Dad is weighing on him. As a result, he’s more absent, checked out, and unavailable, and he spends more time questioning himself and his ability to be a good Dad.

Overcoming Fear and Being a Man

He unintentionally is becoming what he most fears.

And that is what happens with fear when we try to avoid or hide from it. We often find ourselves face-to-face with it.

For Men and Dads, we typically don’t have support from other men. We bottle it all up. We go at it alone. We often dig into what we know most, work.

Women have mommy and me groups, and they have communities and areas where they can share their challenges, frustrations, their doubts, their fears, bond, connect, and even learn.

Most men and Dads do not.

We have put ourselves on an island, and when we get stuck, struggle, or come upon a challenge, we often only know how to do what we’ve always done, which is what got us here and usually won’t create a different result.

The Alchemy of Men Retreat or The Torch weekly men’s group isn’t just about having men sit around fires, bonding, and personal and professional growth, it’s about creating community, support, hearing and learning from other men who have been there before, who have faced the challenges and hardships you are facing.

Nobody gets through this life unscathed, but maybe people go through this life alone or almost alone, and it’s unnecessary; it’s so much easier, more fun, and more powerful when we do it together.

Opportunities to work with Alex, for you or the men in your lives!

1. The Torch: A Weekly Virtual Men’s Group & Community

This is a no-brainer, super low commitment way for any growth-minded men to dip their toe in (for just $50/month). Seriously, join us or get your partners, friends, brothers, fathers, etc. in here!!

For an hour every week (but with the expectation of joining at least 2 calls per month), men from all over the world who want to become better partners, fathers, leaders, or just better versions of themselves, connect in a safe space to share and unload their stresses, burdens, and challenges, without judgment or advice.

Alex and his business partner Bob share mini-lessons on empowering topics like mindset and healthy masculinity, and then hold space, celebrate honest sharing, and help the men to set intentions in their lives.

Additionally, all members get access to a private online community to share wins, give and get support and advice and build new relationships with other men.

Here is all of the info + the next steps to sign up; if not for you please share with the men in your life!

2. The Alchemy of Men Retreat - coming up June 7-11 in Fairview, Utah.

This is for the man who would likely never go on a retreat, but is interested in personal and professional growth, accomplishing business goals, becoming better partners and parents, and creating brotherhood with other growth-minded men.

For 4 days and 4 Nights men will enjoy:

-Meals by a New York 5 Star Chef

-A 10,000 sq foot house with sauna, jacuzzi, and cold plunge

-Surrounded by nature

-Powerful work around creating peace, connection, purpose, and clarity in their lives

-Private Rooms, Shared Rooms, and even a Tent Option (for the Outdoorsman) are available, at a range of investment levels.

For more info checkout

If you or the men in your life have questions about any of the above, just email

And remember you can also check out my other blog posts:


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