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Today is a Good Day to Feel Proud of Yourself

Last night someone asked me how long I've been coaching, and I said, “since 2015.”

He says, “Whoa, full-time? You’ve just been a coach?”

I said yes, and he said, “That’s awesome. You’re an OG coach. That’s impressive. Most people don’t make it very long.”

Now, I wouldn’t call myself an OG coach because I know coaches; most of my mentors have coached two to three times longer than I have. And yet it felt nice, and I felt accomplished.

Because he’s right, most coaches, the average coach makes 50k or less a year, can’t go full time, spend all their time trying and marketing to coach other coaches because they can’t get hired by anyone else, and most quit in 2-3 years.

Today is a Good Day to Feel Proud About Yourself

And then last night, I was thinking about it in bed (to be clear, he was not in bed with me), and I thought about how so often I am focused on the next goal, then the next achievement, the next milestone. I rarely stop to take stock, appreciate, and be proud of myself.

And while I don’t think this is uncommon with driven, successful, and motivated people, it’s also a shame. Because we keep pushing forward, looking ahead, and at times that drive keeps us from enjoying and celebrating what we already have created.

So today, I’d ask you to stop, to pause, to reflect on all you have already done. Think about all the accomplishments you have already created. Give yourself credit for all the goals you have hit, the milestones you passed, and the creative things and dreams you’ve birthed up and spent hours turning into reality.

Feel good about all the wins. All the deals closed, the money made, the awards received. All the relationships you’ve cultivated and formed, the people you’ve impacted and helped…all of it.

Take a moment today and take stock, and feel proud of yourself.

Most of us could probably do this more often.

I know I could.

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