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Transform Your Relationship: The Positive Impact of Men's Work on Relationships, Explained by Women

I have recently been talking to women about their relationships with men. One of the questions I've been asking women is, do their men have coaches, or therapists, or do men's work? Some say yes, and many reluctantly say no. I then asked the women who said yes, what are the positive changes and impacts they have seen in their men working on themselves.

Here are some of the things they have shared:

  • Their men are more emotionally available: Their partners are more open and willing to talk about their emotions and feelings and share what they want. They are better at expressing their feelings and are more receptive to their partner's emotional needs. This results in better communication, less fighting, and a happier, more enjoyable relationship.

  • They say they notice their men are more self-aware: Because their male partners become more comfortable with their feelings and emotions and recognize their behavior and patterns, they are more mindful and intentional in their interactions with others. They shared they don't lose their tempers or disconnect when frustrated or angry. One said he stopped becoming a little boy when he got pissed off.

  • Most experts agree that communication is key to a successful relationship. And women tell me that their men are better at listening, slowing down, and simply being together. They often are more intuitive and can express themselves more clearly. What does this create? Way less conflict and more love and ease. The men can express themselves clearly, and resolve conflicts healthily.

Transform Your Relationship
  • Men become more empathetic: Through coaching, therapy, or men's work, men often develop empathy and understanding for others. This makes their partners feel more connected to them and more on the same page in challenging moments.

  • More enjoyable sex! Yes, you heard that right. As men work on themselves, their feelings, and emotions and understand their behaviors, they become more connected with their bodies and more in tune with their partner's bodies. Women have told me their sex lives have completely turned around and, in some cases, become the best sex of their lives.

Women whose men work on themselves tell me that their relationships and partners are happier, more peaceful, fun, and more passionate. Their partnerships have become more exciting, alive, and connected. If you're a man and not as happy as you believe you could be, not having the sex you want, and aren't hitting the levels of success you want, this might be for you. If your partner says, you are too focused on work or your phone and need to present more.

Or maybe you feel like things feel hard, stressful, or challenging, working with a Coach, like myself, Alex Terranova, or going on a Men's Retreat, like The Alchemy of Men's Retreat (The next retreat is June 6-11 could change your life and the health and feel of your relationship.

Opportunities to work with Alex, for you or the men in your lives!

1. The Torch: A Weekly Virtual Men’s Group & Community

This is a no-brainer, super low commitment way for any growth-minded men to dip their toe in (for just $50/month). Seriously, join us or get your partners, friends, brothers, fathers, etc. in here!!

For an hour every week (but with the expectation of joining at least 2 calls per month), men from all over the world who want to become better partners, fathers, leaders, or just better versions of themselves, connect in a safe space to share and unload their stresses, burdens, and challenges, without judgment or advice.

Alex and his business partner Bob share mini-lessons on empowering topics like mindset and healthy masculinity, and then hold space, celebrate honest sharing, and help the men to set intentions in their lives.

Additionally, all members get access to a private online community to share wins, give and get support and advice and build new relationships with other men.

Here is all of the info + the next steps to sign up; if not for you please share with the men in your life!

2. The Alchemy of Men Retreat - coming up June 7-11 in Fairview, Utah.

This is for the man who would likely never go on a retreat, but is interested in personal and professional growth, accomplishing business goals, becoming better partners and parents, and creating brotherhood with other growth-minded men.

For 4 days and 4 Nights, men will enjoy:

-Meals by a New York 5-Star Chef

-A 10,000 sq foot house with sauna, jacuzzi, and cold plunge

-Surrounded by nature

-Powerful work around creating peace, connection, purpose, and clarity in their lives

-Private Rooms, Shared Rooms, and even a Tent Option (for the Outdoorsman) are available, at a range of investment levels.

For more info checkout

If you or the men in your life have questions about any of the above, just email

And remember you can also check out my other blog posts:


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