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The True Meaning of Being a Successful Man

For a long time, I was doing fine, making good money, having good friends, and having a lot of fun. The average male relationships worked for me. I would call them the downward spiral of distractions; sports, booze, chasing money, and women seem to fuel my life.

Then came a day when I realized I needed and wanted more. I could see the future, and if I kept down that path at 40, 50, 60, or at some point, all that stuff wasn't going to be so cute anymore, and then I'd be left alone, lonely, unhappy, wondering if I had done anything worthwhile with my life.

I thought being successful, having a good job, making good money, and finding a partner would get me to a place where I felt secure, happy, and loved. I can see that’s all I really wanted.

But I notice that it just has me wanting to get the next promotion, buy a nicer house, and get more stuff that feels good at the moment…

I realize that more and more are endless, and it never seems to end with me being happier and getting the love I want.

The True Meaning of Being a Successful man

I want to find happiness and love outside of achievement and success. And while I know, it’s not just a male issue, it’s prevalent with men.

And it doesn’t have to be this way. When you flip the process and learn to cultivate resilience, love, and happiness from within, you feel safe, proud of yourself, and happy, and often also get success and achievements!

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