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Why who you think you are limits your freedom!

Who are you? 

How do you know?

Because of what you like or don’t like? What feels good or doesn’t? Because of how you grew up, the religion you were born into, the community you were raised in or live in? The way you dress? Your job? Your perceived gender or sexual identity? Who you think you are or describe yourself as? Maybe it’s based on what you do or don’t do?

What if you were none of those things?

What if who you think you are is simply a construction of preferences and ideas you’ve adopted over time based on what you like and don’t like?

And what if who you are is holding you back?

What if who you are isn’t allowing you to be as happy as you could be?  As healthy? As productive? As kind? Gentle? Strong? Vulnerable? Brave? Peaceful? Friendly? Outgoing? Wise? Or loving?

What if you could become fluid about who you are and how you see things? No predictable robotic patterns of preferences but a human who independently and indiscriminately chooses in each moment if things were desired, felt good, or might serve them?

For instance, for so long, I felt I’m a rebel, I love coffee, I’m a night owl, I’m not a people person, I am bold and speak my mind, I’m somewhat dramatic, and I’m creative.  I had a million more preferences, and they are all fine, but they all keep me in boxes with limited freedom.  In many ways, I had to stick to who I was or wasn't.

And what about the things I was not too fond of? Yoga, reading, physical fighting, serenity (boring), hiking, or a million other items. All the things I couldn't do or enjoy because of these preferences.

When I free myself from who I am or who I think I am, and I release all the preferences that support those ideas, I am free, truly free to move and be fluid with life.  At any given moment, I can say, oh, I’ll try that, or I’d like that’d, or that doesn’t feel good, without attaching it to who I am.  I get to explore or not explore any area of life in the present moment.

I found out I love yoga! I also love boxing and deeply connecting with others. I discovered that some of the things I disliked I enjoyed at times, and some of the things I liked I didn't always want to be boxed into doing.

That is true freedom! The freedom to express yourself or experience life moment-to-moment basis, listening to your heart and spirit, informs you of curiosities and desires.

As I expand on this, my life becomes more fun, more accessible, more playful, satisfying, joyful, wondrous, and adventuresome, and I become more loving, kind, accepting, and empathetic towards others because I release my preferences on how things should or shouldn’t be.  My freedom to be present and feel into each moment without making each moment, activity, or opportunity mean something about me allows me to release my attachment to how others live.

What peace, happiness, freedom, acceptance, and full approval for all this life brings is the key to the gate of entry.

Alex Terranova, one of the world’s top life and business coaches, authors, and podcast host discusses freedom, happiness, and success


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